Diana's Keto Story

Diana's Keto Story

The Bible verse 1 Corinthians 10:31 was the spark for starting Keto Primo®™.

So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God.

I heard this verse in the beginning of my Keto journey.  The message connected immediately. Making sauces and foods became a spiritual calling.  I found the opportunity to help people, and especially children, through food.  God’s hand is in everything good. 

I was prompted to research Keto due to my own health issues.  I struggle with food addiction.  I crave bread, rice and tortillas! Over the years, I tried every diet fad and underwent gastric bypass surgery to lose weight.  I didn’t realize that most of these diets were actually harmful to my health.  Now I found myself suffering from diabetes, high blood pressure and menopause.

I was convinced to try Keto due to stories of individuals with extreme health conditions who had experienced major personal transformations.  These people suffered from epilepsy, joint pain, inflammation, diabetes, cancer, alzheimers, dementia and more.

After researching Keto for months, I realized I could succeed. The Keto way of eating focused on healthy fats, such as avocados and cheese. These are foods I love to eat! For the first time, I would not feel deprived or guilty.

As part of my research, I joined Keto social media groups.  I saw mothers just like me, searching for a solution to improve their family’s health. We all shared the same challenges in following Keto:

1.     Misinformation. Many people don’t have the time or passion to research and truly understand Keto. The internet is full of critics that spread misinformation and fear.  People often struggle to understand the difference between Keto versus low carb fad diets. 

2.     Hard to Find Foods.  Grocery shopping for the Keto diet is like trying to fit a square peg into a round hole. It involves carefully reading the ingredient label on everything you plan to purchase, only to discover that most of these foods have unhealthy added ingredients.  It is difficult to find  prepared foods that meet Keto requirements.  When foods are aimed towards Keto, they are often unreasonably expensive for a family to purchase.

3.     Meal Prep is Time Consuming. To maintain a strict Keto diet takes constant meal prep.  There are few prepared foods that are easily available for purchase.  With a busy life and family to care for, it is not possible to prep for every meal throughout the week. We simply don’t have time to cook every sauce or meal from scratch. Trying to find Keto friendly fast foods, restaurant food, or easy meal prep aids was next to impossible.

My personal mission became this: to make the Keto diet possible by providing readily available, time-saving Keto foods that are accessible to everyone.

A family’s diet is the result of the parents’ choices, and often meal prep is the mother’s responsibility. Keto is about knowledge and understanding.

After being on Keto and feeling a difference in my own health, it became my mission to share this way of eating with others. It is time to thrive.  Keto on!

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