Emily's Keto Story

Emily's Keto Story

Over the past few years, I became convinced that the typical American diet is a major cause of the health crisis in this country.

I heard such contradicting information in regard to “healthy diet” however.  It gave way to total frustration and confusion.

Discovering Keto was a turning point. Keto had just started catching on in our community. Person by person, I witnessed major transformations. It was much more than weight loss. You could see a difference in the health of their skin. You could feel a positive change in their energy. Then, I started hearing about Keto all over social media.  I joined Facebook groups and tried to learn as much as I could. I watched “The Magic Pill” on Netflix.  Even then, it took me several months of trying to understand Keto before I actually started to make changes.

It was hard to wrap my mind around the idea of eating 75% healthy fats. This is the opposite of everything I grew up hearing, especially in the 1990’s and early 2000’s when “non-fat” products were advertised as the key to weight loss. Products like diet sodas, non-fat muffins and meal replacement shakes dominated the grocery store shelves. If only our society understood that being healthy is the goal and weight loss is the bonus.

When I started Keto, I noticed an immediate boost in energy! I came home from work and was playful with my children. We started walking to the park together and playing Frisbee.  I didn’t sit on the bench just watching them like before. I was playing with them.

This level of energy was unimaginable the year before.  I had nicknamed myself “mombie” because I felt like a walking zombie!  It seemed the demands of being a wife, mother and working full time had drained me over the years. 

I reasoned that “maybe after 40, this is as good as it gets”. I was wrong!

Over the following weeks and months, I experienced dramatic changes.  I no longer felt deprived. I was cooking family meals more and enjoying my food. I was able to focus at work. Weight began to drop off. Family and friends saw my progress and jumped aboard the Keto train. What an amazing ride.

My goal is for Keto Primo to inspire many more people to learn about the Keto lifestyle.

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